I’ve been creating French beaded flowers for ten years now.  I took a couple years off after my son was born and recently got back into stringing all those tiny beads.  When I started back up I was excited to see how my flowers had evolved from the traditional flower into my modern take on them. I’m proud to say that I’m evolving out of the traditional going verging into a contemporary feel with my flowers.

I love combining the rustic feel of copper wire with the elegant glass beads.  I use high quality Czech and Japanese seed beads.  All have permanent finishes that won’t chip off or fade away.  I accent the flowers with metal, glass, and crystal, and gemstone beads. All my flowers are constructed using copper or steel wire.  I stabilize every petal by weaving each wire together with another very thin wire.

Recently I’ve taken a new fork in the road of creativity.  I’ve started creating 2 dimensional flowers on a background of patinated copper.  I feel like this is a road that I’ve been waiting to find.  And I’m so excited to explore this path.  I will still be making 3 dimensional flowers and will have them available on Etsy.  My 2 dimensional flowers will be available on my website.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call me.

If you would like to see behind the scenes pictures of me, or my new projects follow me on FB or Instagram.