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Care and Cleaning

French beaded flowers will bloom all year and for many many years to come. I use high quality glass beads and wire to ensure that my flowers will last. Steel wire will help prevent rusting but will not completely keep it away. Petals and stems can be gently bent back into shape but frequent bending can and will break wires. I've laced each petal together to provide stability so reshaping should be minimal. If you take care of my flowers they can last a life time.

Tips and Tricks to keeping your flowers clean and strong

  • Do not submerge flowers in water.
  • When combining with fresh flowers don't submerge the stem in water.
  • Avoid displaying flowers in high humidity environments such as the bathroom
  • Paint brushes are the best way to clean and dust your flowers.
  • Stem wires can be bent gently to adjust the height of flowers. Over bending will cause the wires to break so be careful.
  • All petals are laced together for stability. Bending and rearranging the petals can break the lacing.
  • Copper will eventually oxidize and darken in color. My patinated copper backgrounds are treated with a layer of wax that will slow the oxidation process. All copper wire is not treated and will darken faster.